A Word From Developer Jim Elliott

I started duck hunting more than forty seasons ago and some of the happiest days of my life have been spent in a duck blind. The memories of the fine camaraderie and the thrill of seeing a flock do it right keep me going back for more.

The idea for the Duck Thang originated in a duck blind and took form on the many long drives home after a day of hunting. We have all spent fruitless days watching ’em fly by while we cussed and discussed the weather and prayed for wind. In the past few years, there have been numerous devices placed on the market designed to bring a little lifelike action to a decoy spread. I have hunted over most of them and while they seemed to help, it was obvious that there was a lot of room for improvement. Reliability is a major issue, and from the start we knew that it would be challenge to build a system that would stand up to the demands of waterfowl hunting and function day in and day out with little or no down time. Therefore, we knew it would have to be built “Caterpillar” tough.

Size matters in a lot of things, decoy spreads being one, so we decided that we needed a system capable of moving dozens of decoys, not just a few, and we wanted it to be portable enough to make it feasible to put it out and take it up on a daily basis if need be.

The Duck Thang has been field tested for the last two seasons by professional outfitters and serious hunters. It has done what it was designed to do. The ducks like it, the outfitters like it, and the sportsmen especially like hunting over a spread of “live” decoys. They didn’t always kill a limit but they had confidence in the setup and had every reason to believe that if working birds were in the area they would get a shot.

The Duck Thang is the only waterfowl decoy motion system currently on the market capable of giving a decoy spread the appearance of dozens of live birds. The Duck Thang is made in the USA and is heavy duty and reliable. It will provide years of service with minimal maintenance.

Thank you for your interest and do not hesitate contact us if you would like more information.

Best regards,

Jim Elliott