Duck Thang Motion Decoy System 2015

Due to popular demand, the Duck Thang Motion Decoy System has gone into early production! Orders have already started flooding in for the 2015 duck hunting season.

The Duck Thang isn’t just your typical duck decoy motion system. It provides realistic motion of your entire decoy spread, whether it’s only a few, or dozens of duck decoys. The Duck Thang Motion Decoy System has been field tested for the last three seasons by professional outfitters and serious hunters. It has done what it was designed to do. The ducks like it, the outfitters like it, and the sportsmen especially like hunting over a spread of “live” decoys.

The Duck Thang Motion Decoy System is the only waterfowl decoy motion system currently on the market capable of giving a decoy spread the appearance of dozens of live birds. The Duck Thang is made in the USA and is heavy duty and reliable. It will provide years of service with minimal maintenance.

Duck Thang Motion Decoy System may very well sell out before duck season this year. For more information, call 731.336.9568, or order yours as soon as possible from before the manufacturer sells out.

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